The Secret Revealed; Part 1
Chapter 36 cover
Kanji 秘すべきことが明かされる.1
Rōmaji Hisu beki koto ga akasareru.1
Chapter 36
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The Secret Revealed; Part 1 is the 36th chapter of Reiji Kaitō's Kikō Shōjo wa Kizutsukanai.

Raishin expresses his shock upon seeing Nadeshiko, but reminds himself that she is already dead. Meanwhile, Charlotte confronts Cedric and tells him to fulfill his promise, but he declines. Meanwhile at Raishin's location, another visitor appears and attacks him.


Dumbfounded with Nadeshiko's sudden appearance, Raishin recalls how he discovered his family was killed by Magnus, and that he was the one to gather Nadeshiko's ashes. Suddenly, Magnus appears; his presence is enough to taunt Raishin into assaulting him. Soon after, Headmaster Edward Rutherford appears and noticing the presence of Raishin and Henriette, he asks Raishin if he has seen anything strange, to which the latter denies. Edward apologizes if Magnus' presence has startled them and assures help will come soon. He then warns Raishin to abstain from wandering the place.

Elsewhere in the school grounds, a traumatised Charlotte Belew is filled with guilt and laments on how she has "killed" someone. She storms into Cedric's office and informs him of what she did, but the latter refutes, saying that Charlotte should not have made the ground collapse, and believed that Sigmund can eradicate Edward with his bodyguards. Slamming Cedric's desk, Charlotte insists Cedric has to fulfill his promise in return for what she did, but he declines, and tells Charlotte that she is naive if she believed that she could kill the Headmaster easily like that.

Showing Charlotte a tiny, round crystal, he adds that Henriette was able to come out alive from the attack, and informs that even the headmaster and his bodyguards are in the large cavity in the underground as well. Seeing Raishin in the crystal, Cedric commands Sin to go down to the large hole, which the latter complies. Charlotte also persists to go, but is stopped by Cedric, asking her to devise her plans so that she can succeed next time. As Charlotte walks away, Sin questions Cedric his reasons for sending Henriette towards the location of the destroyed clock tower, noting that if she was hit by Sigmund's attack, they would have lost their hostage. Grinning, he answers that it seemed fun. He then adds that if ever Henriette has died, they would just have to "make her".

Cedric opens up about the "Church of Fools"; if it actually exists, it would be worth exposing, even at the cost of putting his plans in jeopardy, and adds that they should ascertain on how the academy is getting close to the "likeness of God." He then commands Sin to go play with Raishin, something that the latter proceeds to do.

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