Betting Life
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Kanji 賭け
Rōmaji Kake
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Betting Life is the 48th chapter of Reiji Kaitō's Kikō Shōjo wa Kizutsukanai.

Henriette Belew remains doubtful about Raishin Akabane's determination to defeat Sin. However she is soon proven wrong as the boy has already figured out the Machine Doll's "flaws". As Yaya fiercely delivers rapid attacks, the doll suffers from injuries, giving Charlotte Belew and Sigmund a chance to fire at him.


Henriette Belew ponders what Raishin Akabane meant when he mentioned the power of "Trust", doubtful that he would be able to defeat Sin. As Yaya and Sin prepare to clash again, the latter sneaks up behind Raishin to attack him, but his plan is foiled as Yaya deflects him in a split second. Henriette is astonished and guesses that Raishin had gambled his own life to bait Sin into attacking his unguarded back.

Feeling confident, Sin comments that no matter how strong he and Yaya are, they will not unable to defeat him. However, Raishin defiantly mentions that Sin has stated he himself has flaws, Machine Doll or not, and proceeds to transfer Mana to Yaya to carry out Radiant Blaze Final Attack: "Wild Night Cherry Blossoms". Instantly, Yaya hits Sin so rapidly that he is forced to defend himself. Henriette then notices Sin is starting to lose droplets of blood. Even though each punch she lands on him is not significantly strong, the rapid speed at which she delivers her punches have opened up his wounds.

With a determined scream, Yaya delivers a final powerful kick, sending Sin to crash into the ground. With the Machine Doll dumbfounded, Raishin explains that he observed as the fight went on, Sin became forced to dodge Yaya's attacks, when initially, he was perfectly to take her hits without damage. Raishin then deduces that while Sin is able to make his own Mana, he cannot do so infinitely. Furthermore if Sin was considered a "living thing", this would have been a predicted outcome that his Mana would be exhausted in a test of endurance.

With Sin still down on the ground, Charlotte Belew and Sigmund emerge in the air to launch the Lustre Cannon at him, while Raishin and Henriette shout at them to strike him. A blinding attack then fills the air.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Henriette Belew
  2. Frey
  3. Yaya
  4. Raishin Akabane
  5. Sin
  6. Charlotte Belew
  7. Sigmund


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