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Unbreakable Machine-Doll 12
Facing "Master's Doll"
Novelcover 12
Kanji 機巧少女(マシンドール)は傷つかない 12
Facing "Master's Doll"
Romaji Mashin-Dōru wa Kizutsukanai 12
Facing "Master's Doll"
Chinese Name 機巧少女不會受傷 12
Facing "Master's Doll"
Korean Name 기교소녀는 상처받지 않아 12
Facing "Master's Doll"
Author(s) Reiji Kaitō
Illustrator LLO
Flag twFlag hk 陳梵帆
Flag kr Bang Yong Guk (방용국)
Series Unbreakable Machine-Doll light novel series
Volume 12
Publisher(s) Media Factory
Flag twFlag hk Sharp Point Press
Flag kr Daewon C.I.
Release Date Flag jp September 25, 2013
Flag twFlag hk October 9, 2014
Flag kr April 15, 2014
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Facing "Master's Doll" is the 12th volume of the Unbreakable Machine-Doll light novel series. It was released by Media Factory on September 25th, 2013 in Japanese.


  • Intermission 2 旅路の果て? (Is it the Journey's End?)
  • Chapter 7 きたりて、去る (It Came and Leave)
  • Chapter 8 強さを知る (Knowing My Strength)
  • Chapter 9 生か、死か (Alive or Death)
  • Chapter 10 周到に謀る (Planning Carefully)
  • Chapter 11 魔女と女王 (The Witch and the Queen)
  • Chapter 12 あなたが愛した人形 #2 (The Puppet You Loved #2)
  • Epilogue 相棒 #1 (A Partner #1)

  • Intermission 2 旅路の果て? (Tabiji no Hate?)
  • Chapter 7 きたりて、去る (Kitarite, Saru)
  • Chapter 8 強さを知る (Tsuyosa o Shiru)
  • Chapter 9 生か、死か (Sei ka, Shi ka)
  • Chapter 10 周到に謀る (Shūtō ni Hakaru[1])
  • Chapter 11 魔女と女王 (Majo to Joō)
  • Chapter 12 あなたが愛した人形 #2 (Anata ga Ai shita Ningyō #2)
  • Epilogue 相棒 #1 (Aibō #1)

  • Intermission2 여로의 끝?
  • Chapter 7 왔다가,가다
  • Chapter 8 강함을 알다
  • Chapter 9 생인가,사인가
  • Chapter 10 주도면밀한 모색
  • Chapter 11 마녀와 여왕
  • Chapter 12 당신이 사랑한 인형#2
  • Epilogue 파트너#1

  1. or Tabakaru

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