Unbreakable Machine-Doll 7
Facing "Genuin Legends"
Novelcover 07
Kanji 機巧少女(マシンドール)は傷つかない 7
Facing "Genuin Legends"
Romaji Mashin-Dōru wa Kizutsukanai 7
Facing "Genuin Legends"
Chinese Name 機巧少女不會受傷 7
Facing "Genuin Legends"
Korean Name 기교소녀는 상처받지 않아 7
Facing "Genuin Legends"
Thai Name สงครามจักรกล มนตรา ราตรี 7
Facing "Genuin Legends"
Author(s) Reiji Kaitō
Illustrator LLO
Flag twFlag hk 陳梵帆
Flag kr Bang Yong Guk (방용국)
Series Unbreakable Machine-Doll light novel series
Volume 7
Publisher(s) Media Factory
Flag twFlag hk Sharp Point Press
Flag kr Daewon C.I.
Flag th Luckpim Publishing
Release Date Flag jp December 22, 2011
Flag twFlag hk August 15, 2013
Flag kr February 15, 2013
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List of Volumes

Facing "Genuin Legends" is the 7th volume of the Unbreakable Machine-Doll light novel series. It was released by Media Factory on December 22nd, 2011 in Japanese.


  • Prologue 天使が誘う (The Angel Invite)
  • Chapter 1 女王の寝室 (The Queen's Bedroom)
  • Chapter 2 おとぎ話の小妖精 (The Little Fairy in a Fairy Tale)
  • Chapter 3 魔女と騎士の盟約 (The Pact between the Witch and the Knight)
  • Chapter 4 敗者は誰か? (Who is the Loser?)
  • Chapter 5 それぞれの理由 (The Reason for Each)
  • Chapter 6 この再会に感謝する (Appreciation for this Reunion)
  • Chapter 7 君臨者たち (The Reigners)
  • Epilogue 悪魔が誘う (The Demon Invite)

  • Prologue 天使が誘う (Tenshi ga Sasou)
  • Chapter 1 女王の寝室 (Joō no Shinshitsu)
  • Chapter 2 おとぎ話の小妖精 (Otogibanashi no Shōyōsei)
  • Chapter 3 魔女と騎士の盟約 (Majo to Kishi no Meiyaku)
  • Chapter 4 敗者は誰か? (Haisha wa Dareka?)
  • Chapter 5 それぞれの理由 (Sorezore no Riyū)
  • Chapter 6 この再会に感謝する (Kono Saikai ni Kansha suru)
  • Chapter 7 君臨者たち (Kunrinsha tachi)
  • Epilogue 悪魔が誘う (Akuma ga Sasou)

  • Prologue 천사의 유혹
  • Chapter 1 여왕의 침실
  • Chapter 2 옛날이야기 속 작은 요정
  • Chapter 3 미녀와 기사의 맹약
  • Chapter 4 패자는 누구인가?
  • Chapter 5 저마다의 이유
  • Chapter 6 이 재회에 감사를
  • Chapter 7 군림자들
  • Epilogue 악마의 유혹

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