Unbreakable Machine-Doll 9
Facing "Star Gazer"
Novelcover 09
Kanji 機巧少女(マシンドール)は傷つかない 9
Facing "Star Gazer"
Romaji Mashin-Dōru wa Kizutsukanai 9
Facing "Star Gazer"
Chinese Name 機巧少女不會受傷 9
Facing "Star Gazer"
Korean Name 기교소녀는 상처받지 않아 9
Facing "Star Gazer"
Author(s) Reiji Kaitō
Illustrator LLO
Flag twFlag hk 陳梵帆
Flag kr Bang Yong Guk (방용국)
Series Unbreakable Machine-Doll light novel series
Volume 9
Publisher(s) Media Factory
Flag twFlag hk Sharp Point Press
Flag kr Daewon C.I.
Release Date Flag jp September 25, 2012
Flag twFlag hk January 28, 2014
Flag kr July 15, 2013
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List of Volumes

Facing "Star Gazer" is the 9th volume of the Unbreakable Machine-Doll light novel series. It was released by Media Factory on September 25th, 2012 in Japanese.


  • Prologue 魔の山に棲む竜 (The Dragon living in the Magic Mountain)
  • Chapter 1 魔剣使い (The Master of the Magic Sword)
  • Chapter 2 ブリューとともに (Together with Belew)
  • Chapter 3 災禍の客人 (Visitor in a disaster)
  • Chapter 4 妖精の庭で (At the Fairy Garden)
  • Chapter 5 鏡の中の乙女 (The Maiden in the Mirror)
  • Chapter 6 帰還 (A Return)
  • Chapter 7 星に祈りを捧ぐ者 (A Prayer to the Star)
  • Epilogue 乙女の胸で眠る竜 (The Dragon Sleeping in the Maiden's Breasts)

  • Prologue 魔の山に棲む竜 (Ma no Yama ni Sumu Ryū)
  • Chapter 1 魔剣使い (Maken Tsukai)
  • Chapter 2 ブリューとともに (Belew to tomoni)
  • Chapter 3 災禍の客人 (Saika no Kyakujin)
  • Chapter 4 妖精の庭で (Yōsei no Niwa de)
  • Chapter 5 鏡の中の乙女 (Kagami no Naka no Otome)
  • Chapter 6 帰還 (Kikan)
  • Chapter 7 星に祈りを捧ぐ者 (Hoshi ni Inori o Sasagu mono)
  • Epilogue 乙女の胸で眠る竜 (Otome no Mune de Nemuru Ryū)

  • Prologue 마의 산에 사는 용
  • Chapter 1 마검사
  • Chapter 2 블류와 함께
  • Chapter 3 재화의 나그네
  • Chapter 4 요정의 뜰에서
  • Chapter 5 거울 속의 소녀
  • Chapter 6 귀환
  • Chapter 7 별에게 기도하는 자
  • Epilogue 소녀의 가슴에서 잠드는 용

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