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Nectar (魔術師協会(ネクタル) Nekutaru) is the International Magician's Association to control the ethics of Magicians.


Nectar is an organization that has a pyramid hierarchy; a Church Father, also known as "Father Time"(教父(ファザータイム) Fazā Taimu) is the head of the Association's hierarchy. Nectar's influence extends to various countries. It has a working unit called Cruzada.[1] The current Father is Ludovicus XVII.[2]


Cruzada (灰十字(クルサーダ) Kurusāda) is an organization that acts as secret spies for the Magician's Association.


Cruzada is the working unit of Nectar. It has 8 squads[3] and they are called the "watch dogs of Nectar"[4]. They always monitor the city, Walpurgis Academy[3] and so on, to gather information or be involved in espionage, and report back to Nectar. They can fight, even with just magic items or magic stones, if they do not have a puppet to rely on.[5] They wear black coat with gold embroidery.[4]

The origin of the organization is not specified but it is speculated that they have been around since the creation of Machinarts.


Their main goal is to find the 'Promised One' who they believe to be Raishin Akabane.


  • Nightingale
  • Turtledove - Nightingale's substantially superior[2]
  • Crow


  • The members of Cruzada are named after birds.


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