Unbreakable Machine-Doll
Artbookcover 01
Kanji 機巧少女(マシンドール)(きず)つかない
Romaji Mashin-Dōru wa Kizutsukanai
Author(s) LLO
Reiji Kaitō (contributor)
Series Art book
Publisher(s) Media Factory
Release Date Flag jp March 31, 2015
Flag tw April 10, 2015 (Japanese)[1]
Volume Guide

Unbreakable Machine-Doll: LLO ART WORKS (機巧少女(マシンドール)は傷つかない るろお ART WORKS) is an art book from Unbreakable Machine-Doll. It was released by KADOKAWA/Media Factory on March 31st, 2013 in Japanese.


Chapter 1 for EpisodesEdit

  • Illustrated covers, frontispieces for title pages, frontispieces for introduction, illustrations on tables of contents (LN vol.0-14)

Chapter 2 for PromotionEdit

  • An announcement illustration for MF Bunko J Summer school festival 2013
  • An illustrated cover on Monthly Comic Gene November 2013 issue, a supplement illustration on Monthly Comic Gene June issue
  • An illustrated cover and a supplement illustration on Monthly Comic Alive March 2013 issue
  • An announcement illustration for MF Bunko J Summer school festival 2013
  • An illustration on MF Bunko J10 anniversary summer festival Memorial Book "MF Bunko Ju !!" (MF文庫Ju!!)[1]
  • A master visual for Anime "Unbreakable Machine-Doll"
  • An illustration on special bonus for light novels bought at specific stores, a POP advertisement for light novel
  • "MACHINE DOLL" Cover art
  • "Branch-off edition of Unbreakable Machine-Doll" chapter 1-16 ("Toradayo." (とらだよ。) vol. 122-137)

Chapter 3 for MonochromeEdit

  • Illustrations in the text (LN vol. 0-14)
  • Machine-Doll Club (機巧少女倶楽部) chapter 1-25, special chapter (Monthly Comic Alive June 2010 - September 2012, November 2010 issue)[2]
  • An announcement illustration for MF Bunko J8 Anniversary fair special booklet in Animate, for MF Bunko J8 Anniversary bonus in Toranoa'na.
  • An illustration on special bonus for light novels bought at specific stores

Chapter 4 Special Short Novel: Coating "Beautiful Girls"Edit

Summary Edit

Yaya informs Raishin that Kimberly had mistakenly ordered too much chocolate, and thus asked her to sell them with an added value. As such, Yaya tries to make life-size chocolate dolls. With Irori's help, Yaya is coated with chocolate, but the idea is a failure because the chocolate breaks when Yaya moves. Raishin and Yaya meet Charlotte who was asked by Kimberly too, and the blond girl suggests making miniature doll chocolates, to which they consider making Sigmund-styled (Magical dragon-styled) doll chocolates. Later, Kimberly suggests making movable chocolate dolls too, and decides to name all the chocolate products as "Choco-doll". As such, they make different Choco-dolls: Charlotte makes Sigmund-styled Choco-doll; Yaya makes Komurasaki-shaped Choco-doll, calling it "Choco-murasaki"; afterwards, they also make several dog-shaped Choco-doll together. Finally, Choco-doll becomes a special product of the Academy.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

  1. Yaya
  2. Raishin Akabane
  3. Kimberley Charlotte Belew Frey (flashback)
  4. Irori
  5. Charlotte Belew
  6. Sigmund
  7. Kimberley
  8. Komurasaki (flashback)
  9. Shoko Karyusai (flashback)
  10. Edmund (flashback)
  11. Students of the Walpurgis Academy


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  2. "Machine-Doll Art graphics" (機巧少女画廊(マシンドールグラフ)) on Machine-Doll Club

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