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  • SunbrownFi

    Sooooo this is just to clarify any confusion. This is an updated extension to my previous blog post. At this rate, this is going to be an editing nightmare. ( _ _)|||

    How this happened again: I didn't read my volumes carefully, until just this week I realised oh shit another merger of chapters again. Boom.

    So previously what happened:

    • Chapter 38 online merged to Chapter 37 in Volume 8. The following result was we moved the subsequent chapters down by 1 number:
      • Ch 39 -> 38
      • Ch 40 -> 39
      • Ch 41 -> 40
      • Ch 42 -> 41
      • Ch 43 -> 42
      • Ch 43.5 (on mangafox) -> 43
      • Ch 44 and 45 remained the same as online numbers. We did not move but we gave the announcement as usual.

    Then I read Volume 8 again, and lo and behold, dun dun dunnnnn. IT HAPPENED AGAIN ( O_O).

    Chapter 43 on…

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  • SunbrownFi

    Hey everyone, so we made some pretty big moves lately. I've posted this on our tumblr, but in case you didn't know, here's the TL;DR version:

    Volume 8 of the manga listed Chapter 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41.

    And anyways I've uploaded some photos to illustrate this new development on our tumblr. So see here.

    What happened was what we know on Manga sites (Mangapanda, Mangafox, Mangareader etc) as "Chapter 38" is actually part of Chapter 37 officially in Volume 8. This is the part where Raishin is suddenly ambushed by Sin. Online version, it's a new chapter, until they get rescued from being underground. In Vol 8 however, there is no new chapter cover/page. It is just a continuous part of Chapter 37.

    As a result, this is now the official Chapter 38 wh…

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  • SunbrownFi

    Hello everyone!

    I am Sunny, one of your friendly Admins here! ^_^

    So I'm making this blog post randomly. Nothing special actually.
    ( ._.)
    (._. )

    Anyways, random poll

    See, Rifat, our head admin has some of the Japanese raws for the manga volumes. And so does Choko, our dearest hardworking editor. On the other hand, I have the Chinese raws for the manga volumes (officially published btw) since I'm a Chinese from Singapore.

    And what happened was Choko and I realized that after Chapter 30, there are actually a few more pages which for some reason, not shown in the online translations/monthly magazine. For example, on MangaPanda, it ends here, but in manga volume 6, there are a few more pages featuring Charlotte and another character. (I'll update Cha…

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